Lab Technician

Collects and analyzes process water and product samples, ensuring compliance with product specifications.
Scope of Duties and Responsibilities
Collect and analyze water samples. Determine treatment to maintain chemical balance, adding appropriate chemicals to water systems as necessary.
Collect and analyze product samples to ensure quality, performing tests including but not limited to:
Vapor pressure
Specific gravity
Moisture content
Perform and interpret plant operational tests including but not limited to the following:
Lean oil testing
Chromatographic analyses of gas and liquid steams
Dew points
Perform maintenance, repair, and calibration on laboratory and process equipment and tools. Ensure proper supplies and equipment are available.
Compile, verify, and/or prepare information, reports, and/or correspondence including but not limited to:
Test data results
Testing schedules
Testing procedures
Letters and memos
Responsible for sample collection cylinders which included but is not limited to ensuring proper maintenance as well as compliance with applicable regulations.
Regular and reliable attendance is required in performance of job.
Employee may be required to perform additional duties as assigned
Experience collecting samples and conducting various tests related to gas processing.
Experience in the use, maintenance, and repair of tools and equipment applicable to position including but not limited to:
PH meter
Vapor pressure and distillation equipment
Application of basic arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Application of decimals and percentages. (Tested) Application of algebraic formulas.
Thorough knowledge of gas processing and/or natural gas liquids and applicable testing, analyses, and regulations.
Working knowledge of safety practices related to high pressure products and hazardous materials.
Working knowledge and/or training related to word processing and spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office (Word and Excel).
Experience reading, interpreting, and/or preparing written information including but not limited to:
Test data results and recommendations
Testing methods and procedures
Interpretation of process flow diagrams (PFD's) and process instrument diagrams (PID's)
Gas Processing Association (GPA) Analytical Data
Industry Standards
Demonstrated ability to read and write fluently in English.
State certified Lab Technician, dependent upon facility location.
Physical Requirements
Lift or move objects weighing up to 10 pounds 2€‘3 times a week; up to 30 pounds 3€‘4 times a month.
Stationary for extended periods.
Able to operate tools and equipment required.
Communication Requirements
Communicate and/or exchange information and instructions; conduct oral presentations and/or meetings.
Visual Requirements
Sufficient to perform job duties.
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